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If you have an appetite for hunting, fishing, interesting recipes and politically incorrect humor then the Big Wild is right up your game trail!

November 22, 2020

The Big Wild 11/20/20

Dominik Dellasala updates us on deforestation of the Tongass in Alaska, Michelle Phillips shares Wild Recipes from her Bacon Fatte blog, Jordan Rutter from the American Bird Conservancy on human focused repopulation efforts VS. natural repopulation of the Brown Nuthatch, Neil Large of the Arizona DNR takes us to AZ parks for the fall & winter.
November 15, 2020

The Big Wild 11/13/20

Ed Clark of the Wildlife Center of Virginia gives us a 6 bear month update, Ron Schara, Minnesota’s Outdoor Storyteller, joins us, Mercedes Akinseys on growing up suburban and learning to hunt, Jeb R Williams updates us on North Dakota fall big game hunting.
It's All Here in The Big Wild!
November 12, 2020

The Big Wild 11/06/20

Whit Fosburgh, CEO of Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, on 300,000 acres of landlocked public land in MN & WI, Brenda Valentine, the First Lady of Hunting, updates us on the fall deer season and her bucket list, Mark Titus, Film Producer, follows up with us on Pebble Mine and saving fisheries, John King, the WI DNR Hunter Education Administrator, joins us
November 10, 2020

The Big Wild 10/30/20

Seth Fieder, BassMaster Top 20 performer this season, talks about his push to the end, Stan Tekiela shares early snow hazards for ground animals, Paul Sieswerda from Gotham Whale on whales in NYC, Dan Wennerlind gives us a fall waterfowl hunting update and previews the Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge.
Halloween weekend in The Big Wild!
October 25, 2020

The Big Wild 10/23/20

Chef John, the Game Gourmet, gives us his approach on field dressing, Gundy and Producer Audrey on introducing kids to a new dog, Randy Stark from the National Association of Conservation Law Enforcement Chiefs updates us on the problem of animal trafficking, Bob Nack, Big Game Manager at the Wisconsin DNR, previews crossbow hunting & lead up to gun season.
October 23, 2020

The Big Wild 10/16/20

Matt Ross, Assistant Director of Conservation with QDMA on how to react when you come across a poacher, Brad Strootman shares how Action Trackchair can help anyone get outside, Peter Sontrop of Archery Hub helps us choose the right bow and arrow, and Jared Wiklund from Pheasants Forever gives us a fall update.
October 11, 2020

The Big Wild 10/09/20

Dr. Randall Eaton joins us again this week to share his most memorable Orca moments, Barb Keller, Minnesota Big Game Program Leader, provides a fall update, Michael Mixon, outdoor BBQ extraordinaire, takes a break from his show to join us on ours, Derek Gunderson gives us some fall fishing tips. Stick around for Parting Shots when Dr Eaton joins us again to share some of his writing.
October 7, 2020

The Big Wild 10/02/20

The Big Wild encountered some technicals problems for this week, so while we work to fix the internet we offer you a great show from last year!
So good we have to hear it again! Join us for this encore presentation of an episode we ran last October. Tina Dokken, Tom Dokken’s better half, talks about National Outdoor Women's Weekend, Lindsay Thomas Jr on deer feeders, who feeds and when, Robin Follette makes veggies on the campfire, Jordan Rutter shares the problem of 3 billion birds lost in Canada and the US.
October 7, 2020

The Big Wild 09/25/20

It's all here in the Big Wild!  Dr. Randall Eaton on orca whales and the hunting experience that changed his life, Don Kirby gives us his insights into the outdoors, Dr. Richard Bowman shares his passion for rescuing racehorses, Alaina Gerrits, Upland Game Biologist with Wisconsin DNR, gives us an Upland Game report.
Find us on Facebook!  If you have someone you know to be as passionate about thee outdoors as we are send them our way, we love listener sponsored guests!
September 20, 2020

The Big Wild 09/18/20

This week, we have an encore presentation from September 2019. Jake Grages from Quality Deer Management joins us, Benji Kohn takes us fishing for brook trout, Robin Follette cooks up bear roast, Jeb R Williams takes us to North Dakota for big-horned sheep.
It's all here in The Big Wild!